DuPont Advion Cockroach Gel Bait -
For Unbeatable Roach Control Results

Dupont Advion Cockroach

Gel Bait Insecticide

1. DuPont Advion Roach Gel combines a highly attractive,
proprietary gel formulation with a potent non-repellent
active ingredient.

2. DuPont Advion Roach Gel controls the dominant cockroach

3. Efficient roach infestation extermination through high
performing bait matrix.

Dupont Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

With more versatile and economical use compared to other means of roach control, Dupont Advion cockroach bait gel targets a wide spectrum of roach species and controls the problem immediately. With its new formula, cockroaches find the attractant of Dupont’s active ingredient simply irresistible.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In Advion Roach Gel Baits

  • Controls all cockroach species
  • Irresistible gel formulation for powerful roach control
  • Targets include gel bait-averse
  • Thorough roach infestation elimination
  • Comes in syringe containers for easy application

Advion Roach Gel

Dupont Advion’s roach gel bait contains indoxacarb as the active ingredient which puts this insecticide in its own class of chemistry, oxadiazines. This chemical concentrates on a roach’s nervous system. Once ingested, the targeted roach’s own enzymes will turn against itself resulting in paralysis eventually leading to inevitable death. Furthermore, Advion’s formula will infect other roaches through secondary kills. Most roaches are cannibals and will eat their dead. Advion’s formula will still be active inside a roach’s dead carcass serving as a poisoned meal for their colony. Even for the toughest roach infestations, Advion will control and manage your roach problems without a hitch. Many professional pest control operators rely on Advion roach gel baits for its quick and effective performance. Even bait averse roaches will find Dupont’s gel formula alluring. Applying Advion cockroach gel baits will get rid of your cockroach infestation. Use what professionals depend on and get the job done yourself using professional roach gel baits from Dupont Advion.